Our Beliefs


How should I be baptized?

Inverness Vineyard Church believes that people should be baptized by immersion. The term “baptize” literally means to immerse. This was how people in the Bible were baptized.

When should I be baptized?

As soon as you have personally trusted Jesus Christ for salvation. This is the model Jesus commands us to follow.

What if I was baptized as an infant?

Among Christians there are different perspectives. Some denominations and traditions baptize infants while others do not. Perhaps you were baptized as an infant. How should you view that baptism? You certainly want to show respect to your parents and their viewpoints, as well as be grateful to God for any spiritual influence they have had in your life. However, our understanding of what the Bible teaches is that baptism is an action that follows conversion. So, if you have not been baptized since you have decided to follow Jesus, we recommend that you do.

Should I get “re-baptized” if I was baptized at another church?

As long as you were a follower of Jesus when you were baptized, and the other church was a Christian church, then you should not be re-baptized. If, however, your baptism was merely a church ritual done prior to your conversion or if the church was outside of the mainstream of Christianity, then we would encourage you to be baptized.

Can my children be baptized?

Absolutely, as long as they thoroughly understand what they are doing. Inverness Vineyard requires that you wait until your children are old enough to make an intelligent profession of faith that is their own. We certainly believe that a young child can be saved, but the older a child is, the more they will understand and the more meaningful baptism will be for them.
Remember, they do not need to be baptized in order to be Christians. However, we do dedicate infants to the Lord and call parents to commit themselves to raise their children for Christ.
If you’d like to have your baby dedicated, please call (205) 980-1690.

How should the church respond to Homosexuality?

First, we must be committed to both mission and holiness.  The message of the kingdom is a message of welcome. Anyone can come to the feast- Jesus himself was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard.  And at the same time, the message of the kingdom is repent, believe, and follow Jesus in every area of life.  At times, it can feel as if these two principles are mutually exclusive.  But we are convinced they are not.  It is possible to offer the radical welcome of Jesus while calling people to high standards of discipleship.  

Second, the Bible promotes, celebrates and affirms marriage as a covenantal union between a man and a woman.  Marriage is not the highest purpose of humanity.  The apostle Paul himself was single, as was Jesus.  At the same time, it must be honored as a sign and gift from God.  

Third, we beleive that all humans are to be treated with kindness and compassion, as the image-bearers of God on earth.  We are all sinful, and it is profoundly unbiblical to pick out one sin that is stigmatized above others.  In the history of the church, homosexual persons experienced such sinful stigmatization.  We repent and renounce this sort of sinful treatment.  

Fourth, we believe that outside of the boundaries of marriage, the Bible calls for abstinence.  We know that in our culture, premarital sex, along with many other forms of non-marital sex, has become normative. We want to lovingly help people of any sexual orientation to live up to this standard.  We recognize that it can be a difficult journey, and there must be grace along the way.  The powerful, beautiful gift of human sexuality must be stewarded with seriousness and compassion within our movement. 


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