Missions Prayer Team


A Plan for Prayer

In order to pray in unity, deep prayers for the nations each national prayer team is invited to purchase this book Praying for the Nations for 5.99 in paperback or 2.99 Kindle version on Amazon and pray together. Topics are provided with a 1-page sample prayer to function as a jumping off point, meant to inspire and propel you deeper into God's vision for a nation of people living fully redeemed. Join for a month or two and see if you don't feel like a part of something so much bigger than yourself, and part of God's redemptive plan for a nation. 

Feel free to pray for your own nation according to this plan too and watch your appreciation for all that God is doing in the earth grow.

Day by Day by Topic

In case you don't have access to your book one day and still want to pray with your team, here are the daily topic guides, according to the date each month. For example on every 11th day of the month we will be praying to stop crime and murder in the nation for whom we are praying.

Day 2: Raise up Pastors with Hearts like Shepherds & Jesus

Day 3: Breakthroughs in Stopping Human Trafficking

Day 4: Marriage Matches for Believers According to God’s Plan

Day 5: Just Judges to Hand Down Right Rulings

Day 6: Keep Orphans Safe from Evil Men & Women and Loved into Families

Day 7: Godly Families Walking in Unity & Prayer

Day 8: Martyrs

Day 9: Healthy Marriages among People & Leaders

Day 10: Bring in the Sound this Nation was Meant to Sound in this Generation

Day 11: Stop Crime and Murder

Day 12: Protection over Roadways

Day 13: Raise up Worshippers & Worship Leaders

Day 14: Bring to Life the Downtrodden

Day 15: Rain in Season

Day 16: Economic Prosperity

Day 17: Let Your Word Run Swiftly and be Glorified

Day 18: Wisdom

Day 19: Widows & the Lonely would be Visited & Touched into Life

Day 20: Fertile & Productive Soil in Hearts & Land

Day 21: Freedom for the Captives

Day 22: Secure Borders & Order in the Military

Day 23: Dreams & Visions of Jesus to Unsaved Leaders & People

Day 25: Good Fruit

Day 26: Medical Breakthroughs & Personnel

Day 27: Education

Day 28: Heal Hearts of the Drug Addicted and Stop Drug Trafficking

Day 30: Unity among Churches

Day 31: Relationship with Israel & Peace of Jerusalem