Missions Home Team

We would love to see every person who regularly attends Inverness Vineyard find a role to play in missions. It is a way to sow into a bigger picture of redemption outside of ourselves. If this life-season is not a time when you're available to "go," Here are some no-passport-needed ideas to get you started. Got another idea brewing in your mind? Let us know... Missions email 

Host Homes

Occasionally we have visiting missionaries and partnership friends come to town and need a place to be welcomed with a bed, breakfast and some company.

Airport Rides

Offer a ride to a Go Team or partial team to/from the airport. We use both BHM and ATL options on different trips. We plan to reimburse your gas expense, but you're welcome to donate it as a gift along with your time (but it is never expected!).


During training sessions couples with children may need help caring for their children so they can learn all they need to know to be able to serve. Mostly needed during Sundays in January during our Missions Pathway Training, 12-2 p.m.,  but occasionally a need arises during team meetings during the six weeks prior to deployment.

Reception Assistant or Leader

Help with planning, set up, organizing food, invitations, or clean up.


Help with organizing, recruiting food gifts, and general labor for fundraisers in Feb (SuperBowl of Chili) & April (Workerbee Auction). Show up at fundraisers; donate food; invite your non-IVC friends, family, & neighbors; and give generously!

Individual Prayer Team

Every person on every Go Team is required to raise their own prayer support team of at least 3-5 families who commit to pray daily for them during the two weeks prior to their leaving, the two weeks they are gone, and the two weeks of transitioning back home. If you haven't been asked to be on a prayer team before, let us know you are interested and available and we will connect you with someone who needs YOU!

General Missions financial Support

Doing all these things the Lord has invited us into in four partnership countries requires sacrificial giving. We would love to have you on a Go Team, but if that's not possible in this season in life, consider sending someone else, or supporting the general missions budget on a weekly or monthly basis.


In 2017 we will be organized by nation of interest into a movement of intercession on behalf of those Partnership nations. More info...see what we are praying today.

Encouragement Letter Writers

Everybody needs an encouraging word once in a while, it is even more meaningful from people who love you from afar. All the pastors, church planters and missionaries can be blessed in this way. (See Kim for a list of names to choose from). As you pray for our partners, we would love for you to write down what you hear from the Lord, whether a picture, a scripture, a word, or a story that comes to mind, and forward it to Missions' email. The letters will be emailed to the recipients in bulk on the 2nd of each month. So get them in by the 1st!