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Our Story

In January 1993, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Birmingham formed a task force to seriously consider planting a church in the southern part of Birmingham. We understood it to be God’s will to have more than one Vineyard church in the Birmingham area. 

In January 1994, we acquired the former church building of the Inverness Church of God. We began a Friday night service in the building, which was immediately well attended. Lamar Junkins, pastor of VCF Birmingham, pastored both churches with the help of Bubba Justice.

In June 1994, God led the elders of VCF Birmingham to appoint Bubba as senior pastor of the Inverness Vineyard Church. Bubba was chosen to be pastor partly because of direction given by the Lord at a church planter’s conference in St. Louis through John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard Churches). Bubba had prayed that Acts 13 would take place when it was his turn to pastor. On the day that he was commissioned to pastor, Acts 13 was the Scripture reading in the One Year Bible. 

In January 1997, the Inverness Vineyard sent out Bo and Joan Walker with 50 people to start its first church plant, The Alabaster Vineyard (closed in 2001). In October 1998, the Inverness Vineyard sent out Russell and April Worrell with 45 people to plant The Morgan Road Vineyard (closed in 2007). 

In June of 1999, we started Birmingham Inter-Christian Church to reach East Africans, with Evan and Rose Maingi as pastors. Due to Rose’s battle with cancer, the church closed down in 2004, and Rose passed away in early 2006. 

In 2001, we built an Education/Office building that serves many purposes. In September of 2002, we planted a Vineyard church in Tuscaloosa, pastored by Jon and Amy Quitt. In April 2009, we moved into our new auditorium that can seat nearly 400 people.

Affiliation and Supporters of The Vineyard
MISSION AFFILIATION: Association of Vineyard Churches

The Vineyard began in 1974 as a small Bible study in Los Angeles which was a Calvary Church plant. In 1982 about 25 churches formed a loose network called the Vineyards. They were led by a pastor named John Wimber.

In 1987, the various Vineyard churches created a formal grouping called the Association of Vineyard Churches. John Wimber continued to lead the Vineyard until his death. These churches are self-governing but overseen and encouraged on a voluntary basis by other pastors who serve as Area Pastoral Care Leaders (APCLs). 

Phil Strout from Maine is the USA Vineyard’s National Director. As of October 2011, there are more than 1,500 Vineyard churches worldwide; 550+ are in the U.S. which is divided into 16 regions who are all actively planting churches across the country. Jon Sterns, pastor of the Franklin, TN Vineyard, is our Regional Overseer for the Southeast. Each Region is also divided into areas served by Area Pastoral Care Leaders. 

Vineyard Music Group is an extension of the Vineyard movement. The songs produced by VMG have been sung in 97% of USA churches.



Join us Sundays at 10:30 a.m. for our worship service.

Inverness vineyard academy

Check out our incredible daycare!  We are open Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. for ages 6 weeks through 4 years.